St. Andrews / Scotland

Guy Salvato was born in Glen Cove, Long Island and attended the University of Cincinnati. He graduated at the top of his class, earning a B.S. in Advertising Design. During his formative years at UC, Guy studied drawing and watercolor under Robert Fabe, Louis Rockwood and Reginald Grooms.

As part of the co-op program at UC, he interned at J. Walter Thompson in New York City for almost four years, gaining valuable experience toward his future career.

For the next 35 years, Guy and his partner, Fred Coe, ran a successful design studio, gaining international recognition as one of the finest firms in the U.S.

Salvato, Coe + Gabor, to this day, carry on the award-winning graphic design tradition that was established in 1965. Their work has been recognized and chronicled in every major trade publication within the world of graphic and communicating arts and advertising.

Recently, Guy's love for the game of golf has directed his energies and talent to expressing himself on paper through the medium of watercolor. "Having worked with magic markers throughout most of my career in graphic arts, the medium of watercolor seemed to afford the logical transition for me," he says. "I derive fulfillment from it because of its relative immediacy and instant gratification. "As for my subject matter, the game of golf," he continued, "my goal is to capture the beauty, the color, the mystique, and the nuances of a particular golf course, especially at twilight, when the shadows are long and all is at peace. Those are the moments I try to capture. The rest I leave to the imagination of the viewer."

Over the years, Guy has served as a visiting instructor of design at The Columbus College of Art & Design, has been a guest lecturer at various universities in Ohio, and has served as Judge for national and international graphics and advertising competitions. Guy's paintings have been exhibited in galleries throughout the U.S. and were featured in The Academy of Golf Art's 2005 Juried Exhibition. Most recently, Guy’s golf course landscape paintings were featured in Golf Style: Homes and Collections Inspired by the Course and the Clubhouse, published in 2010.

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